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2017 Tax Changes

The legislation that Congress passed a week before Christmas includes many changes effective January 1, 2018 and later. Your 2017 tax return might be very similar to 2016. One exception is a reduced threshold that allows medical deductions. For everyone there is a 7.5% limit of your adjusted gross income..

What Congress did not do

Congress did NOT renew expiring tax provisions. Your 2017 will NOT allow

  • Tuition deductions to income
  • Mortgage Insurance Premium deductions for some taxpayers
  • Cancelled Mortgage Debt Relief
  • Non Business Energy Credits

There is a list of 35 expired provisions

Some tax items are scheduled to expire soon

  • Bonus Depreciation, a special expense for capitalized business investments
  • Home energy & Business Solar credits

Are there chances for tax simplification? The last Congress made some temporary tax item permanent.  

  • The $250 Educator Expense Deduction is now indexed for inflationary increases
  • Sales Taxes are an itemized deduction, if the taxpayer does not pay a state income tax
  • Charitable Donations from an IRA for taxpayers over the age of 70
  • Special depreciation expense options for businesses
  • Capital gains exclusion for certain small business stocks