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Changes in Regulations

2017 Changes

Increased Fees

The IRS faces a court challenge about fees for services. At this point in time those who do not pay their taxes in full and on time may enter into a payment agreement. The fee to set up the payment agreement varies from $31 to $225. The difference is whether one makes the arrangement online, calls the IRS, mails in a form, 

New Tax Forms

Taxpayers will need to determine how forms 8962, 8965, 1095C, 1095B and 1095A affect their tax return.  These are the forms that are used to report your compliance with federal health care mandates.

Foreign Income and Assets

Americans with investments overseas are subject to several complex reporting requirements.

FBAR, (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts), is now FinCEN, (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network). New forms exist as well as new mandates.

  • Reporting must be online
  • Go to www.BSAEfiling.FinCEN.Treas.Gov for more information

Late Filers Pay Penalties & Compounded Interest

Late Filers who owe federal tax pay a failure to file penalty and a failure to pay penalty.

  • Failure to File is ten times more than Failure to Pay. If you know you owe, file your tax return on time!
  • Failure to Pay Penalty is 0.5% per month of the unpaid tax. Any delay will cost you more money.

If you want to pay the IRS in monthly payments, you can apply for a payment agreement. There is an additional fee to set up the agreement.


Failure to File is a Felony

Any taxpayer who willfully fails to file tax returns for three years within any five year period after 2014 is subject to a criminal penalty of $250,000 and a prison term up to five years.  This conviction would be classified as a felony penalty.

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