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Important Dates

The 2018 Calendar of Tax Due Dates
First day to Efile your 2017 Tax Return
Jan 29th 
Last day to timely pay fourth quarter estimated taxes
Jan 16th
First day for some refund deposits*Feb 27th
Last day to timely efile your 2017 Tax Return
Apr 17th
First day to make a 2018 tax payment
Apr 17th
Last day to timely file a non-profit return
May 15th
Payment Due Dates

Jun 15th

Sep 17th

Due date for Foreign Income and Asset Report, (FBAR)
Apr 17th

Recent Tax Changes can affect anyone.


Educator Expenses
Public Transportation Benefits
Railroad Maintenance Credits
Sales Tax Deduction
Reduced Depreciation Expense Limits
Mine Rescue Training Credits
Mortgage Debt Relief
Bonus Depreciation
Race Horse Expensing
Mortgage Insurance Premium Deduction
Military Wage Credits
Indian Employment Credits
Charitable Distributions from IRA's
New Hire Work Credits
Extra Donated Food Deduction
Electric Auto Credit
Low Income Tax Credits
Puerto Rico Domestic Production
Small Business Stock Exclusion
R&D Tax Credits
Caribbean Rum Tax Freeze
Home Energy Credit
Alternative Fuel Credits
Indian Country Coal Credit
Military Housing Allowance Exclusion
Biodiesel Fuel Credits
Somoan Economic Development Credit